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Thank you to our donors and sponsors



Church of the Magdalen

and Rev. John J. Jirak, J.C.L 

Church of the Magdalen School


Anonymous Donor

Lance & Ashley Biel

Al and Brenda Brungardt and Family

Tony & Monica Habashy and Family

Mark & Susie Marshall and Family


Drive-Thru Christmas December 6-7 & 13-14, 2019

Countryside Christian Church, 1919 S Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67207  & Seamstress Rita Delong 

Guide Robes Seamstress - Mary Seiwert

Stage sets & hall BackdroPS 

Stage Crew: Alex Habashy &  Friends

Jamey & Mark Marshall - Prison

Salvador and Erica Zurita


B E N N E T T  Where Imagination meets Corrugation        

Visit us online at:


Brenda Brungardt & Jessy Marshall- Painted backdrops

and the talented crew: Masters of Iconic Art

Banquet hall and food

Amy Mekail and her wonderful crew

Supplies & Services

Transportation: David May & Trinity Precision, Inc 

Mark and Susie Marshall

Brungardt Family

David May

Lighting & Sound: Mark Marshall

Photography by: Mark Marshall

Website hosting: David May

Promo video: Seth Brungart & Noel Habashy

Advertising: MWCF Conference Booth

MidWest Catholic Family Conference August 2-4, 2019

Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Kansas - Catholic Advance 

Many Parishes in the Wichita Diocese

Special Thanks to

Almighty God

And To our Prayer Warrior team!

The Church of the Magdalen Staff

Magdalen School Staff

Carolyn Spexarth - 2019 Coordinator

Noel Habashy

Hospitality - The Habashy Family

Storage Space - The Biel Family

Storage Space - Spexarth Family

Iron Teens Prayer Group

Holy Family Home Educators

The many wonderful people who supplied us with food, props, decorations, and help to put 2019 Wichita Catacombs together!

All our wonderful volunteers in all of the committees: Thank You!!

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